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Agile Project Management Part FourAgile Project Management Part Four

Discover steps on how to deliver an agile system and how to understand risks and resolve issues. More Innovation StrategyMore STRATEGYMore Innovation Strategy
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As firms become part of the knowledge economy, lower creative thinking can make the firm competitively irrelevant. More Innovation ToolsMore TOOLSMore Innovation Tools
This series uses TRIZ methodology for deployment and sustainability within manufacturing corporations. More Innovation MethodologyMore METHODOLOGYMore Innovation Methodology
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Impact Business Group, Inc. | United States-Florida
Advantage Personnel | United States-New Jersey
Integra LifeSciences Corp. | United States-New Jersey
Intelsat | United States-District of Columbia
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Ellen DombNew Publication: TRIZ Community Story
Commentary by Ellen Domb
Two long-awaited tweets: Calling all authors from the ’old’ TRIZ Journal. Help launch new publication, help keep TRIZ sharing spirit alive. (May 22, 2012) Successor to TRIZ Journal, call for papers extended to June 8. Great news - great articles! 50% of target! Need...
Lynda CurtinA Ridiculous Question with Embarassing Results: What's the Value?
Commentary by Lynda Curtin
I imagine there are some people at Verizon, Netflix, and Bank of America who are surprised and embarrassed by the enraged consumer responses to the new fees they recently rolled out. Imagine how awful it must be make a decision, implement it, and then watch it implode very publicly, very...

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